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The Performance Pursuit is a sport & performance psychology consulting organization that provides athletes, coaches, and parents with the necessary skills and insight to effectively manage real world performance tasks and situations both in sport and in life. Our certified sport and performance psychology consultants professionally consult with athletes, coaches, and professionals across the world, and assist them in developing the ability to achieve their desired levels of performance on a consistent basis.

From Division I college coaches and athletes, soccer academies, Olympic athletes, professional coaches, professional performers and dancers, and exercisers, our consultants have the required experience to assist anyone who is seeking to improve performances and enjoyment within their specific field of interest.

We believe that our consultation is far deeper than making you a successful athlete or coach, we believe that our work provides you with the skills and insight to be successful in life. We believe we can assist you in discovering your state of success.

Through our innovative mental skills conditioning services, we aim to improve your ability to perform better and consistently so that you build confidence, manage pressure situations, experience more motivation and happiness within your desired sport or profession.

Our services are offered in the form of individual sessions, group workshops, and presentations, which can be delivered in person or through various forms of technology such as video/audio calls making it easy and accessible for our clients across the globe.

Contact us today and schedule your free consultation at our website to see how we can help you discover your state of success.

Kai Laird

  • Certified Sport Psychology Consultant by the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (CC-AASP)
  • National Certified Counselor (NCC)
  • M.A. in Counseling - Specialization in Sport and Health Psychology, Adler University
  • B.S. in Business Management, University of Tampa