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Congratulations to our Tidewater Sharks Players making the District ODP Teams

This Fall 2017 a few Tidewater Sharks players drove to Virginia Beach, VA to participate in a try-out for the Virginia Youth Soccer Association District-ODP team. The following players made it from our Sharks teams:

  • Ethan Hayes
  • Cameron Bowman
  • Emily Tassara
  • Kaleb Maramot
  • Lindsey Schmied

As the first step in the State Team, Region Team and National Team process, we congratulate our players and wish them the best of luck pursuing the next level of soccer success! For more information about ODP, please see below.

What is ODP?

The Olympic Development Program (ODP) was created to bring talent from around the state, region and nation to come together with the intent to play for the US Women’s and Men’s National Team. There are steps to take to reach each level, and as Tidewater Sharks, we encourage our players to pursue extra opportunities to challenge themselves in a competitive environment.

Tidewater Sharks fall under the Southeast or Central District options (one is in VA Beach and the other is in Richmond, VA). The process to pursue the Olympic Development Program starts at U13 (under 13) age group. If a player makes the District-ODP team there are events to be evaluated to make the State team. Once you make the State team, there are opportunities for regional events. Region I has 15 regions (different states ranging from Maine down to Virginia). To reach the Region 1 Team means you will be considered for the National Team at their annual showcase during the weeks prior to Thanksgiving weekend.

Virginia Youth Soccer Association’s website states that:

District ODP training is not just about the tryout process, but it provides yet another avenue from which players can grow and develop.  While a player’s club is his / her “home”, district ODP training provides an environment where players are playing with and against the best players in their respective district.  It is also gives the state ODP staff a chance to work with, train and gather additional information on the players before the inter-district play.

After the ten District ODP training sessions (two of which will be play days amongst the district pools) the state ODP pool will then be selected and the state ODP pool training will begin.  Scouting will be used to supplement the tryouts by identifying players that we either missed or deserve to be back in the program.

Virginia ODP offers their annual “friendlies” with different districts and age groups this February 23-25, 2018 in Williamsburg, VA. It is a wonderful opportunity to witness talent within our community.

The Region I ODP Camp is invitation-only based on evaluations at the “state” level. The boys and girls camps will be in Pennsylvania in 2018.

As for D-ODP, this is a precursor to ODP. Players are given an opportunity to receive extra training from different coaches within their region. If a player wants a challenge outside of their current team, the D-ODP provides that opportunity. There are no state-level options until they are U13. We recommend contacting your current club coach to ask for advice on whether to pursue D-ODP.

If a Tidewater Sharks player is interested in ODP, please visit the Virginia Youth Soccer Association website or for Region I ODP information, visit US Youth Soccer Region I’s website Also, you may contact the Tidewater Sharks Coaching Staff at 757-253-1947 for specific inquiries.